AniCoverWagonWelcome to my collection of wisdom in property repair and maintenance.   Blogging may be a strange new world for most of us, but buying, repairing and maintaining real estate is the second most important skill in our lives.  Did I mention the first ?  Ask your life partner that question.

I answer my phone day or night, but you need answers from global experts too.  Hence, the links, articles, videos, charts, manufacturers, skills, and people I have placed here.   Remember, once you follow a link to a confusing array of choices, you may have to come back here again.   Open these links as NEW PAGES.    Modern computers can support dozens of open pages.  Remember to clear your cache memory when you turn off your computer, and it will be run faster.

Video  tutorials may be posted as LINKS or as MP4 format video.   Photos may only show a small photo, but will expand to page size when opened in another page.  Infosite posters are huge flowcharts, useful to save and to review again.  PDF files may be slideshows placed in a convenient format, for transfer to readers without Powerpoint readers.   If you cannot afford Microsoft Office, you can get a free Open Office program to edit or view.  PPT readers are always free, but cannot edit those slideshows.

I have blogs under charliekaycheyenne in many platforms, so just search under that name in your search engine. smiley3

Google just recently started Google Communities, which ties into G+, Blogger, Google Reader, and all their programs.  I will be building cross platforms and WordPress seems like the best non-Google blogging platform.  Facebook is more family oriented, and easy to wander aimlessly.


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