Spring 2012 in Cheyenne Wyoming, a truly unique state, and the 4th windiest place as the Rocky Mountain 12mile wide SouthPass is just west of here.
Wyoming is the most geologically unique place on the planet, with Yellowstone volcanic cauldron getting the most attention. The Colorado Front Range is just south of us, with warmer temperatures and busy expensive places to live.
If you have learned the values of reduce, reuse, recycle and repair, and know how our planet and food has been degraded by industrial cartels, you will like my new WordPress blog. I have years of articles, graphics, photos, mp3s and links to share. Give me time. This platform is superior to others I have studied tried and abandoned. You can link to me and I will send up new links.


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  1. Melanie @ Thinking Thin Loving Food

    Happy to have found your platform! Thanks for stopping by mine 😉

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