Fowl Christmas Shopping Trends in a Down Economy

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The Holiday season begins when the lawn mower is put away, the patio furniture are stored, and the clock is set back.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Modern Philosophers, the economy is still in a downturn and as a result, you might be getting something a little “fowl” under the tree this Christmas.  According to my source in the Gift Giving Regulatory Commission, cheaper gifts are trending this year because people still want to spread the Holiday Cheer, but since they are in the red, they have less green with which to do so.

So get ready for Christmas Eggs!  You heard me right.  The chickens who produce brightly colored Easter eggs have nothing to do the rest of the year, so some creative farmers have decided to fix that.  “People lover Easter Eggs,” Farmer Bob explained, “so why wouldn’t they love Christmas Eggs?  Truth be told, I’m losing money with my chickens only producing eggs fit for one holiday.  I need this to work, or I’m gonna lose the farm.”

How does a farmer get a…

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