Tornado in Wyoming!

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Frightening electrical storm during the night, here in Cheyenne .

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Here in Wyoming the only weather-related disasters I usually think about are blizzards, droughts, wildfires and perhaps floods.  Add tornadoes to the list.

This tornado in Wheatland, Wyo., on Friday, June 8, was an F-2 on the Fujita-Pearson scale with winds clocked at 135 mph.  It was a quarter-mile wide and traveled for 20 miles.

Thankfully, only one person reported minor injuries but the tornado did destroy some houses and other structures.  Wheatland, a small farming community, is 75 miles northeast of Laramie.  Here in Laramie we got hail up to two inches in diameter the same day.

While Wyoming is not thought of as tornado-country, more than 620 tornadoes have been recorded here since 1950.  A few of those have hit in the Laramie area; the most recent tornado hit was in 2008, an F-3 which tragically killed one person and injured dozens.


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