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Originally posted on SageTalk:
Empires come and go — Builders last forever. The thing built is less important than those doing the building. In fact, the real value in anything is the individual. Because the physical is temporal, we find comfort in measuring the creation. Less comfortable is acknowledging the intangible value of the creator.…

Originally posted on SageTalk:
There are a plethora of benefits from a childhood spent horseback in a sea of cowhides. On the open prairies under the big skies of Montana, one thing is quickly learned: You are expected to come prepared and ready to work. The most known about the daily adventure is the Time and…

Great article, and important reminder to ourselves that we must guard ourselves against tyranny in all forms, for it can spread if we do not step forward to oppose it.

Good News for the US Economy in 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012 – Jobless rate slides as workforce shrinks from exiting boomers By Kevin G. Hall McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — New research challenges the conventional wisdom that the unemployment rate is falling because workers have given up the job hunt and exited the labor force, and the rate likely will climb again once […]

The Face of Success

Originally posted on Everywhere Once:
To us, Bill Clinton is what success looks like. Not because he’s a two-time former U.S. President who could have rested on his laurels after leaving office but instead parlayed his fame and energy into a charitable foundation that is doing tremendously good work around the world. His accomplishments certainly…